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Membership — The most affordable all-in-one way to gig electric. Join Hive.

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Chevy Bolt EV

238 Mile Range



  • Monthly members save $600 every year.

  • No down payment. No credit requirement.

  • No commitments - keep the car as long as you like.

  • Hive offers several rideshare-approved insurance options.



  • The most flexible way to gig electric.

  • No down payment. No credit requirement.

  • No commitments - keep the car as long as you like.

  • Hive offers several rideshare-approved
    insurance options.

Peace of Mind Included

Unlimited Charging

Comprehensive Maintenance

Dedicated Concierge

Mobile Charging Support

Roadside Assistance

Electric Driving Efficiency Tips

for only


per mile


Hive saves you time and money

Get everything, for less than the price of gas. Supercharge your gig, for just 20c a mile.

Never have two dimes delivered so much.

Electricity & Charging

Unlimited Charging

Mobile Charging Support

Maintenance & Upkeep

Comprehensive Maintenance

Roadside Assistance

Community Benefits

Dedicated Concierge

Electric Driving Efficiency Tips

Electric Driving Efficiency Tips

Dedicated Concierge

Mobile Charging Support

Unlimited Charging

Roadside Assistance

Comprehensive Maintenance


/ mile

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Peace of Mind Included

Live the way you wish the world was - drive Hive. No carbon footprint.
 Big time savings.

$0.20 /mile

Hive Per Mile Price

EV + Charging

Full Maintenance

24/7 Concierge

Mobile Charging Assistance

Personalized Efficiency Driving Data Access

$0.40 /mile

Gasoline Car Price*


Oil Changes

Mile tracker apps

More Gas

Car Repairs

Car Insurance

Vehicle upkeep wear & tear

All in onE

is better

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Zero guilt.
Big savings.

Free yourself from gas. See why Hive is the future.




Filling up not

moving parts
to break.

Waiting on

Out of gas


Worse MPG
than you





the world.



20 moving








Charging Made Simple

Become a member, and you’ll get an EV, convenient access to charging, and a personal concierge. Everything you need to drive on E, carefree.

238 mile range

Most gig drivers cover 50 to 70 miles a shift. Our Chevy Bolt's long range covers 200+ miles on a single charge. Yes, you are covered.

Custom charging plan

Hive’s charging concierge will create a personalized charging plan based on where you live and how you drive, that includes a charger near your home and convenient charging options.

Range peace of mind

Odds are, you’ll never run out of charge. But if you do, it’s as easy as dialing your personal concierge and we will come to you and get you running asap.

10k+ charging stations

Our EVs connect with 10k+ charging stations in the greater LA area. Whether near home or on the go, you will always be close to a recharge.

Reserve your spot in the Hive

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Questions & Answers

And if the answers 
create more questions,
we’re here to answer them: support@drivehive.com

Will driving on electricity be too expensive?

If you want to save the world you gotta make it affordable. So, we did. E costs, per mile, less than fuel, especially as fuel prices rise and combustion engines become more and more complex, ie - expensive to maintain. E is simple, and simply better for both your wallet and the world.

Isn’t EV just trading gasoline for coal?

EV is trading the guarantee of pollution for the potential of clean, renewable energy. Right now, every Hive is charging with upwards of 95% renewable energy thanks to California’s amazing commitment to becoming 100% renewable powered.

How much is the down payment?

Rather than asking for a down payment, we ask for a promise - that you will talk up the benefits of E with other driver, passengers, family, friends, Shiba-Inu’s etc etc. We want every single gig driver running on E - all 3 million, so the less we ask to get in, the more who will get in, so, we ask nothing in hopes of getting everyone. Make sense?

Do I need to put up solar panels?

Hive’s charging stations are all you need, and we will make sure your station is close and accessible for you. No need to put up a panel or install a special plug, simply contact your personal concierge and they will make sure you are always charged.

What if I run out of electricity?

You’re screwed and walking home! Nice right? We don’t think so either. Which is why your personal concierge is there for you. But, before you get all worried, remember, the average gig driver covers 50 to 70 miles per shift, and our Chevy Bolt EVs will take you well over 200 miles on a single charge.

Will I make more money on E?

Good question! The short answer, is yes, electricty costs less than gas. And the long answer is also yes, as an electric engine has about 20 moving parts, vs over 2,000 moving parts on a gasoline engine. That’s 2,000 things that can go wrong. And when one of those parts does break, there goes your month. And don’t forget the EV incentives you will be getting from your platform. E, it is simply better for your bottom line.

Can I just try it first?

Yep. No long term contracts. No down payments. Try it, like it, keep it. Otherwise, return it so another driver can benefit. Simple as that. Simple is good.

Are there any incentives?

In case saving-the-world isn’t enough, Uber is also throwing in up to an extra $1.50 per trip. 63 Uber trips per week and Uber remburses you for your Hive EV monthly payment. 69 trips if you’re on the weekly Hive membership plan.